Primary rainforest on the Lost Trail (Photo by Rachel Walls)
The Waterfall Trail (Photo by Lee Dingain)
Stunted trees and ground-dwelling bromeliads along the high altitude Elfin Forest Trail (Photo by Rachel Walls)


Here at REGUA we have an extensive network of trails that take you deep into lush tropical rainforest, through lowland wetlands and past unspoilt rivers and waterfalls. All of our trails provide outstanding birdwatching opportunities as well as chances to see mammals, butterflies, frogs, reptiles, orchids, bromeliads, heliconias and many species of trees.

All of our main trails are clearly marked with coloured posts every 50 metres, and they are regularly cleared and maintained. There are two main start points for the trails; one at the REGUA office and another at our research building (Casa Pesquisa) at the other end of the reserve. Guests at the Lodge receive free transport to and from the trail heads.

Trail grades

Easy: Short distance trails and/or with very little gradient and mainly even ground. Suitable for most levels of fitness.

Moderate: Longer distance trails and/or with a steeper gradient, sometimes an uneven ground surface and occasional small stream crossings. A fair level of fitness is required.

Difficult: Long distance trails that require a full day to complete, or trails that are steep, climb to a high elevation and/or have uneven surfaces. A good level of fitness is required.

Trail details

Most of our trails are linear routes but can be combined with other trails to form circular walks. We can advise on the best routes for any birds or other wildlife you particularly want to see. Click on the link to view a printable trail map.

Trail name Grade Length Elevation Time Post colour
4x4 Track to Casa Anibal Easy to moderate c2.8 km 60 m-350 m 3-4 hours Unmarked
Elfin Forest Trail Difficult 3.3 km 400 m-950 m 5-7 hours Red
Lodge Wetland Trail Easy c2.5 km c30 m 2.5 hours Unmarked
Lost Trail Moderate 4.2 km 80 m-615 m 5 hours Blue
Nursery Trail Easy 1.2 km c30 m-c50 m 1.5 hours Blue
Papagaio Trail Easy to moderate 2.5 km 250 m-c600 m 3-5 hours Black
São José Trail Difficult c3.3 km 30 m-c800 m 5-7 hours Unmarked
Small Wetland Trail Easy 0.9 km 60 m-100 m 1.5 hours Yellow
Waterfall Trail Easy to moderate to 2.5 km, difficult thereafter 4.8 km 170 m-1300 m 5 hours Green