Recommended Literature

Many of our visitors ask for our advice on the best field guides to purchase for a visit to the Atlantic Forest, so here we have shown a selection of the better ones as well a selection of useful CDs.

The most comprehensive field guide to Brazilian birds is A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil, Ber van Perlo - released in November 2009. Alternatively, using the Collins Field Guide to the Birds of South America: Non-Passerines, Jorge R Roderiguez Mata, Francisco Erize and Maurice Rumboll (non-passerines only) with the Helm Field Guide to the Birds of South America: Passerines, Robert S Ridgely and Guy Tudor (passerines only) is a good combination and the plates in both guides are excellent. However, this involves carrying two books and the later is quite bulky and heavy and not every species is illustrated.

To buy any of the books or CDs featured on this page simply click on the link and you will be taken to the NHBS website. For any items purchased NHBS will pay us a small commission which will use towards our conservation work.

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