Reforestation at REGUA (REGUA photo library)
Guiding tourists at REGUA (Photo by Rachel Walls)
Red-billed Curassows were reintroduced at REGUA in 2006 (Photo by Edson Valgas)

About Us

REGUA is a non-profit non-governmental association with a mission to conserve the Atlantic Rainforest of the upper Guapiaçu river basin located within the watersheds of the Serra do Mar in the municipality of Cachoeiras de Macacu, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. REGUA is comprised of local landowners and community members and was registered in 2001 under Brazilian law.

Guapi Assu Bird Lodge was opened in 2004 and provides high quality accommodation for visitors to REGUA. All income from the lodge goes towards our conservation work.

More specifically, REGUA's objectives are:

  • To protect the area from anthropogenic pressures such as hunting, fire, forest clearance, construction and the illegal exploitation of forest products.
  • To establish a comprehensive inventory of its biodiversity.
  • To restore lost and damaged habitats and reintroduce lost species where practical.
  • To create widespread support and interest for REGUA's conservation work in the municipality, especially in its surrounding communities, through a permanent environmental education programme.
  • To develop a network of capable and respected partners to help with the implementation of the various project programmes.
  • To build a strong and broad membership of local landowners and individuals that support REGUA's objectives.
  • To ensure REGUA's long-term financial viability.

REGUA recognises the importance of demonstrating practical conservation techniques in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, and hopes that it will serve as a model for other conservation projects.

As well as owning and patrolling large areas of forest (see Land Purchase) and operating the lodge, REGUA owns a series of outbuildings which are currently being converted into a multi-purpose conservation centre. There are also five houses which include three houses for volunteers, one for research students, one for a REGUA employee, plus a toilet and shower block for day visitors. The reserve also has several vehicles including a minibus for transporting visitors to and from the airport and a Land Rover for use on the reserve. REGUA employs 20 people which includes seven rangers, two local bird guides, two plantsmen, a gardener, a caretaker, a driver, two cooks, an education and tourist officer, a part time professional guide, an administrator and a manager.